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Tracker Wide Statistics
Seeds/Peers: 2,858/1,084 (1:2.64)
Downloads: 156,174,249
Transfer: 306.05 PB

Date   Filename   Size   Seeds   Clients   Speed   DL   Xfer'd  
2004-01-11 22:26Mahou Sensei Negima4.39 GB010.00 B/s18,137109.84 TB
2007-03-14 19:36[Nameless-Anime]Kagihime - 01[795132CB][V2].avi180.86 MB000.00 B/s23,0966.73 TB
2007-11-26 09:23[Nameless-Anime]Kagihime - 02[35B8D9B9].avi178.79 MB000.00 B/s29,0548.55 TB
2008-03-30 10:06[Nameless-Anime]Kagihime - 03[BD1BDAB0].avi181.72 MB000.00 B/s6,6463.08 TB
2004-05-10 04:16[Nameless-Anime]Kagihime - 04[855C8C74].avi178.91 MB000.00 B/s16,6595.05 TB
2007-10-10 00:20[Nameless-Anime]Kagihime - 05[5B2F4289].avi176.67 MB000.00 B/s17,2315.42 TB
 Totals5.27 GB01 110,823138.67 TB

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